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How to: Create birdhouse to attract feathered friends

By Vanessa Roberts

4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent

Spring is quickly approaching, and now is a great time to create a home for all the birds that are coming to the area – without having to buy new supplies. Several items from the house or yard can be used to create amazing birdhouses, and this would be a great project for parents and children to take on together.

A quick and easy way to make a birdhouse is by using smaller sticks from the yard. Create a design then glue the sticks together with hot glue to make it sturdy.

Another way to create a birdhouse is by using popsicle sticks. Glue the sticks together using Elmer’s glue or hot glue. Use paint, crayons or markers to color the house to make a more unique design.

A 2-liter bottle and some string makes a simple birdhouse. Cut a hole big enough for the birds to enter, then tie the string around the top. Paint the outside to give the house some flair!

A recycled old boot makes another great home for the birds. Just cut a hole for the birds, and be sure to cover the top. An old license plate as a roof would do the trick!

Plastic coffee cans can be recycled to make birdhouses, too. Make sure the lid is screwed on and cut a hole for the bird’s entry point. Mount it to a tree or hang it by string.

You can also mount an old flower pot to a tree or fence to create a unique birdhouse. You will need to add a cover with a hole using glue.