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Handshake Promise entertains at the 2019 Phil Campbell Hoedown. This past year’s stage was silent as the annual festival fell to the ongoing pandemic.

PC Hoedown gets go ahead for June 2021

After the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the Phil Campbell Hoedown this past year, the town is even more excited to work on planning for its return, as this year’s event has officially been given the green light.

The 2021 Hoedown will be June 18-19. Organizers said they hope this year’s festival will offer all the fun attendees have come to expect from the Hoedown – or at least, as much as they are able to plan in the time allotted.

“We are getting a bit of a later start on this than usual, but I feel like we can pull it together,” said City Councilwoman Lynn Landers.

So far there have been two meetings since the event was given the go ahead, but organizers said there is already good progress.

“Right now we are really working on getting entertainment lined up,” said Phil Campbell city clerk Virginia Burks. “We have everything for Friday night mostly lined up, but we are still working on Saturday.”

Burks said precautions are still being evaluated to help limit the spread of COVID-19, but no decisions have been made yet.

Landers said there will most likely not be a car show this year, but organizers are still looking into different entertainment options.

Phil Campbell Mayor Mike McQuary said the town has been very excited for the Hoedown this year.

“People are really excited about it coming back,” McQuary said.

Landers said she believes the Hoedown will be beneficial to allow people to have a taste of normalcy.

“I think this is going to be great for the community because everything has been on lockdown and on hold for a year,” Landers said.

Burks agreed the announcement that the Hoedown has been given approval has helped raise community spirits. “The morale has been very high because people are excited about it,” Burks said.

Even though planning will face much more of a time crunch this year compared to previous years, when planning usually began a year in advance, McQuary said he has faith everything will come together.

“We have a great group with Park and Recreation that is working very hard on this, and I feel confident everything is going to come together,” McQuary said. “We are very excited about it, and we are very happy to have it back.”