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Kylee, 7, Karrson, 8, and and Konner, 4, grab a quick picture with the Easter Bunny in 2019.

Don’t miss community egg hunts, other events

This time last year, many of us were still waking up to the reality of what the coronavirus pandemic would mean in our lives. 

We were scrambling to understand the signs and symptoms, who was most vulnerable and how long it was all likely to last. 

Necessities like toilet paper and cleaning supplies became scarce commodities, and masks and social distancing were the topics of the day. 

It’s doubtful any of us truly comprehended the widespread change this pandemic would bring. 

A year later, we’re starting to pick ourselves up and find that “new normal” we’ve all talked about. As many embrace the vaccine, communities are relaxing restrictions and preparing to welcome back the life we once knew. 

Although that will manifest itself in different ways and over time, as people follow their own comfort levels, one way we’re finding our footing again is with community events. 

In 2020 many of our headlines were about events falling victim to the virus, from youth sports leagues to our beloved Watermelon Festival. Although some events continued as usual, with COVID-19 safety measures in place, many just counted 2020 a loss and hunkered down to wait for, hopefully, better things in 2021. 

Better things are coming. 

In the next few weeks Franklin County can look forward to community gatherings such as the Franklin County Chamber’s Easter egg hunts, the Phil Campbell Hoedown and the Ronnie McDowell show at the Roxy. 

We can only hope and assume more events are on their way, too. 

We urge you to take advantage of these opportunities to be part of the community again. 

We’ve quarantined, we’ve isolated, we’ve social distanced. This thing hasn’t gone away over night, but it’s finally starting to, leaving us free to – carefully, safely, wisely – become reacquainted with our community. 

In the past we have probably taken for granted the opportunity to join our friends and neighbors for festivals, concerts and other gatherings. They were such a normal, expected, everyday part of our lives. 

Now that we see how quickly those things can be taken away from us, we have hopefully learned to appreciate them more. 

As the world opens back up, don’t miss your chance to rejoin it. 

Take your grandkids to the Easter egg hunt. Join your friends for Rockin’ at the Roxy and the Ronnie McDowell show. Go to the Hoedown, the Dixie Youth game – every community gathering you can. 

As we’ve now learned: You never know which opportunity might be your last.