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Still true: We will never run out of stories

Another month, another magazine! Our September/October issue of Franklin Living comes out this week.

You’ve got to check out this edition. I know I feel this way every time I see a new Franklin Living hit the shelves, but this is one of my favorites.

It’s finally football season, and Amy McCollum has the perfect menu for a football party – or, let’s be honest, the perfect menu for any time. Who doesn’t love taco soup, chips and dips, cheese balls, punch and more? If your mouth isn’t watering at the thought, you might need to get yourself checked out.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Does the cover photo put you in the fall frame of mind like it does me? We were so excited to be invited out to Tanya Capalla’s Phil Campbell farm for a little photo shoot. She has an amazing homestead out in rural Franklin County, and we hope to give you a more expansive view of her Crescent Moon Acres in a future edition of the magazine.

As you might recall, I once wondered what would happen when I ran out of stories for Franklin Living. I foolishly thought the day would come when the supply of stories would be run out and I would be left scrambling, facing a future where magazine features had to be scraped up from nothing.


I was so naive.

Even now, six years into this job, I sometimes think, “Huh. I don’t have a plan for xyz magazine. What if I can’t find any good stories to tell?”

But I always do. We haven’t run out of stories yet, and I don’t foresee we ever will.

In this edition we are pleased to spotlight a few of our famous friends, each well known in their own way, from Hollywood’s Myk Watford – a “local boy makes good” if you ever saw one, to Red Bay’s Charlene Fancher, to Russellville’s Billie Sue and Jimmy Poss.

You likely know these folks; if you don’t, let us introduce you, and if you do, well, we still suspect you just might learn something new from reading their stories in this edition.

Do you know someone who deserves to be Franklin famous? We’d love to hear your suggestions for future features. Our corner of Alabama is endlessly rich with stories to share, tales that deserve to be told.