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Grant funds ambulance purchase for rescue squad

By means of a 75/25 match with a rural EMS grant, the Phil Campbell Rescue Squad was recently able to purchase a new 2021 Ford Type 2 Ambulance with a Stryker self-loading cot and Life Pack 15 Monitor/Defibrillator.

With the total expenditure at $176,521.00, the grant provided $132,390.75 of the cost, leaving the 25 percent match of $44,130.25 – for the monitor/defibrillator – for the Phil Campbell Rescue Squad to complete the purchase.

“With this updated tech, we are able to send 12-lead EKGs to the hospital in Florence,” explained Phil Campbell Rescue Squad President Barry Pounders. “The self-loading cot can accommodate up to 800 pounds.”

Pounders said the purchase allows for better, safer service for the rescue squad as well as the community members being served by it.

“This purchase replaces our previous ambulance, a 2007 model with 265,4000 miles, as our primary ambulance. We are retaining our old ambulance as backup.

“We lucked out with the timing on this,” he added. “It might have taken several months if not for another ambulance service losing a contract and being unable to purchase this ambulance as they had planned.”

Pounders said the squad is just happy to have it. “The Phil Campbell Rescue Squad has been licensed by the State of Alabama EMS for more than 40 years, and we are the 911 provider for Phil Campbell and southeastern Franklin County. We also run numerous calls in Hackleburg, Bear Creek and the Haleyville area of Marion and Winston counties when their primary provider is out of coverage.

“Keller has a stable service, but I doubt they would station an ambulance in Phil Campbell,” explained Pounders. “It’s important to be able to get speedy assistance to the members of our community. We make calls for each other when needed.

“We’d like to thank Rep. Jamie Kiel for his help in getting us this grant.”

Pounders said the rescue squad will next work on being able to replace its four-wheel-drive ambulances that are used in the winter and on rougher terrain, such as farms.