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Phil Campbell returns experienced seniors

Greg Winstead will return to the dugout as Phil Campbell’s softball coach, and he said he is glad to have an experienced group of seniors to help with the transition.

“We have six seniors, and experience will play a big part in our success,” said Winstead.

Those six seniors are third baseman Kenner Scott, catcher/outfielder Jade Roberson, outfielder Abby Garrison, pitcher Emma Ergle, catcher/shortstop Emily Duncan and first baseman Rachel Hutcheson.

“I believe our defense will be our key strength,” said Winstead. “We also have the ability to move some people around to different positions.”

Winstead said the team will get to work on fundamentals and see where it takes them.

“We have to work on our throwing,” Winstead added. “It will be hard to tell with our hitting until we get a few games under our belt.”

So far Winstead said he likes what he sees.

“This group has a great attitude. They work hard and look forward to playing.”

One of Winstead’s biggest challenges has been working to get the field in playing condition.

“I appreciate the hard work of Mr. Hamilton and the City of Phil Campbell in helping us get this softball field ready to play,” he said. “We didn’t have lights out here last year, and they’ve got that fixed and other improvements to the facilities for these girls.”

Phil Campbell is in Class 3A, Area 15, with Danville, East Lawrence and Vinemont.