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Congratulations go to ‘Best of Best’ in Franklin

We wanted to take a moment this week to say congratulations to the local businesses that have been chosen as the Best of the Best in our second annual Reader’s Choice Poll. 

For several weeks earlier this year, readers were able to use our ballot to vote for their favorites – the best of everything across Franklin County, from best florist, best burger and best car repair to the best cup of coffee, the best hair stylist and so on. With both a print and web version of the ballot available, many of you took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on your favorites.

When the community votes on who is the most deserving of the recognition, that means something. These businesses have received firm confirmation that they are serving their customers and clients – and serving them well.

Who are those winning businesses? Well, you can find out inside this week’s issue.

Our special section this week honors all of the winners and includes special words of thanks from many of them – special appreciation to those of you who named them No. 1. Pull out the C section to see whether your favorite hamburger joint, accountant, car dealership or thrift store landed on top.

We also offer our own words of thanks. Thank you so much to each and every one who took the time to fill out a ballot. Your participation means a lot to us at the newspaper, and we know it means a lot to those who you chose as the winners of this contest.  

It makes us proud to see our local businesses appreciated and to give them the opportunity to promote themselves.