March Land Transactions

March 1

Maria Tomas Felix Andres to Elias Tomas Baltazar, warranty

Daniel Charles Allen to Nathan M. Poteet, warranty

Kenneatta Harris Douglas to Ethan Borden, warranty

March 2

Barry William Rhea to Blake Wilson, survivorship

Lineco Inc., to Vulcan Oil Company Inc., warranty

Baxter Nunley to Brandon D. Nunley, warranty

Jimmy Ray Clark to Delane Clark, power of attorney

Robert Anthony Maggerise to Tanner Lee Maddox, warranty

Shawn Richeson to Jonathan Witt, survivorship

D.W. Franklin to Tifford Borden, warranty

Rodney Johnson to Matthew Ray Gilbert, warranty

Christopher L. Smith to Alabama Department of Revenue, affidavit

David Michael to William Rosson, sale contract

James Rundel Ergle to Christopher L. Smith, warranty

Nabors C. Nabors to Phillip D. Cantrell, affidavit

March 3

Jacob C. Barnette to Christopher Trassare, survivorship

Glenda M. Taylor to Kevin Randall Taylor, warranty

Imogene K. Ricketts to Jose Daniel Francisco, warranty

Carl Cummings to Jason Vargas, warranty

Juan F. Domingo to Francisco Carillo, foreclosure

Marc Page to Ryder Page, warranty

Marc Page to Ryder Page, warranty

Crystal Page to Marc Page, quit claim

Maria Abarca-Ortiz to Eric Arbaca Rocha, survivorship

Shirley Elaine Lindsey to Sonny Capital Group LLC, administrator’s

Charles Wayne Sherwood to Bailey Thompson, warranty

March 6

Ramon Randolph to David Ward, warranty

Nickolas Hicks to Juan Carlos Valdez, warranty

Jeff Swinney to Zachary Saint, survivorship

Greg Hovater to the City of Russellville, warranty

March 7

Antonio Tomas Jose to Domingo Matias Jose, warranty

Lugenda Land Company LLC to Skylar King, warranty

Margaret Russell Wiles to Jose L. Martinez, warranty

March 8

Penny Washington to Marta Hernandez Silva, survivorship

Albert Joseph Fitzgerald to Edward B. Layne, survivorship

Edward Layne to Albert Joseph Fitzgerald, warranty

Edward B. Layne to Albert Joseph Fitzgerald, warranty

Jolee McNees to Paris Daniel Terry Jr., warranty

Michael Timms to Jeremy A. Hancock, corrective

March 9

Bonnie Toro to Daniel Ruiz, warranty

Lisa Raley to Alyssa Weeks, warranty

Nancy Jaggers to Jonathan Croush to administrator’s

March 10

James Stan Galloway to Eric Hallman, warranty

Addie Grissom to Mandy Davis, warranty

Kim Pharr to Jerry Lee Davis, warranty

Randy Barnes to Randy Barnes, survivorship

Jamie Wilemon to Jamie Wilemon, warranty

March 13

JR Consulting LLC to Jeremy Orrick, survivorship

Panda Buffet of Russellville to Liu & Chen LLC, warranty

March 14

Randy Hester to Joshua Epperson, warranty

Nancy Merino to Harry J. Jenkins, affidavit

Harry J. Jenkins to Richard Eric Jenkins, warranty

Critis A. Fletcher to Critis A. Fletcher, quit claim

Wendell Dale Saint II to Matthew E. Cummings, warranty

Luis Abel Alonzo Tenorio to Alexander Gaspar Pedro, warranty

Michael J. Sherrill to Thomas Beller, warranty

Terry Green to Allen R. Bornscheuer, warranty

March 15

Kenneth Martin to Timothy Childers, survivorship

Addie Grissom Brown to Tracie Clark, warranty

James L. Roberts to Kristine Ann Roberts, power of attorney

Kristine Ann Roberts to James L. Roberts, power of attorney

James L. Roberts to Heather Fowler, warranty

James L. Roberts to Heather Fowler, warranty

Charles E. Clark Jr. to Kentucky Fried Chicken, corrective

Kentucky Fried Chicken to Tasty Chicken Southeast LLC, warranty

Kentucky Fried Chicken to Tasty Chicken Southeast LLC, memorandum of lease

Debbie Boyd to Debbie Boyd, survivorship

Debbie Boyd to Turner Richardson, warranty

Debbie Boyd to Debbie Boyd, survivorship

Debbie Boyd to Turner Richardson, warranty

Debbie Boyd to Debbie Boyd, survivorship

Imogene K. Ricketts to James Eric Herston, affidavit

March 16

Doris Britton to Dewayne Britton, survivorship

Doris Britton to Beverly Kay Ballard, warranty

P&M Palmer Properties to Rodriguez Properties LLC, warranty

Barbara Scott to Jacob Dewayne Malone, warranty

Jeff Blanton to Jacob Barnette, warranty

Jim H. Davis to Heather Brook Clark, warranty

Robert Lee J. Pendergrass to Robert Black, survivorship

March 17

Brian W. Roberts to Noah R. Tittle, survivorship

Sandra Johnson Law to Sandra Johnson Law, survivorship

Limestone Property Group to Magdalena Pedro Pascual, contract

Mildred Kiel to Mildred Kiel, administrator’s 

John David Grissom to David Cody Grissom, warranty

Amado Abarca Arrieta to Amado Abarca Arrieta, survivorship

Mark G. McKellar to Alabama Power Company, easement

Luis A. Duron to Nelida Martinez, quit claim

Rachel Kay Pittman to Mark Mann, survivorship

Sharon Hindman Hester to Peggy Gilley, affidavit

Rodney Wayne Hargett to Jeremy Ray Hargett, warranty

Vickie Pounders to Ben Johnson, warranty

Gary Yielding to Jerry Wayne Hester, warranty

March 20

David Tyra to Cristian D. Garcia-Merida, survivorship

Holly’s Homes LLC to Lidia Gaspar-Martin, survivorship

Robert W. Murray to Katie Kristina Wakefield, warranty

James L. Roberts to Nathan Roberts, survivorship

John Michael Shewbart to Timothy Lindley, survivorship

Greg Underwood to Mariano Jose Pineda, warranty

March 21

Patricia Juan to Juan Francisco Martin, survivorship

David William Ancel to David William Ancel, survivorship

Wanda Rice to Jill Holland, warranty

Richard Townsend to Richard Townsend, warranty

Debbie S. Cansler to Undrea Eve James, warranty

Norris Wayne Fuller to Norris Wayne Fuller, warranty

March 22

Margarita Pascual to Juan Francisco Martin, survivorship

Sharon Anne Wesley to Blaine Brewer, warranty

Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Covius Mortgage Solutions, power of attorney

Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Edward Ortega, warranty

March 23

Charlotte June Willis to MJ3 LTD, warranty

Martha Ann Fuller to MJ3 LTD, warranty

Donald B. Ezzell to Terry D. Ezzell, warranty

March 24

Pamela L. Elliott to Hannah Elliott Brannon, warranty

Pamela L. Elliott to Hannah Elliott Brannon, warranty

Wendell Dale Saint II to Colton Shane Malone, survivorship

Petronilo Cobarrubias to Blanca Estela Bahena, power of attorney

March 27

Jerry Palmer to Tony Welch, survivorship

Donald Clay Henson to VB BRS II LLC, option to purchase

Melissa R. Hosea Trust to United States of America, certificate of trust

Melissa R. Hosea Living Trust to United States of America, warranty

Charles E. Hosea Jr. Bey Trust to United States of America, certification of trust

March 28

Gereda F. Oliver to Darren Oliver, warranty

Milford Brown to Hannah Patton, executor’s

Nettie F. Mills to Blake Hudson, survivorship

March 29

Keith L. Wilson to Miriam Del Car Rodriguez, warranty

Bobby E. Fincher to Belinda Johnson, personal representative

Hollis Brown to Linda Carol Brown Palmer, quit claim

March 30

Diane Lawler Grissom to Clay Edmund Grissom, warranty

Ralph Borden to S&N Investments LLC, warranty

Tracy McCall to Paul Michael Wardell, survivorship

Bolton and Weatherford to Bolton and Weatherford, amendment to restrictions

Kenny Ewing to Billy Stidham, warranty

Levona Jean Wells to Terri Wells Long, power of attorney

Greg Parrish to Greg Stidham, warranty

John Byron Allen to Belinda Dion Bennett, quit claim

March 31

Hunter Lane Jordan to John Mark Sheffield, warranty

Justin Brett Thompson to Caymen Quinn, warranty

Jessica Porter to Wesley Porter, power of attorney

Jason Gann to Mia Gann, quit claim

Jessica Porter to Joseph Pacifici, warranty

Lowell Ray Petty to Kevin Emerson, warranty


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