Join us in observing Oct. 1-7 National Newspaper Week

This week is an important one for those of us who still believe in the power of newspapers. It’s National Newspaper Week.

As the organization America’s Newspapers puts it, local newspapers are “a direct reflection of the communities they serve. Accessed every day by millions, consumers rely on a diversity of print and digital newspaper platforms to deliver the local news, information and advertising that impacts their lives.”

That’s exactly what we’re all about – what we’ve been about since the FCT was established in 1879.

We feel like those of us who work at newspapers are filling an important role in the health of our communities around the country and the world. It’s a long and proud tradition, a career field that has long served the people by disseminating the information they need to know.

Across the United States, newspapers – whether in the form of the printed word or online – are serving their communities every day by informing, enlightening, awakening and inspiring millions.

According to America’s Newspapers, readers seek out local news for five primary reasons: to stay informed, to feel connected in the community, to decide where they stand on local issues, to find places and things to do and to talk to other people about community news.

Do you want to know the latest actions by your city council? We’ve got that.

Are you interested in programs at our local schools? We’ve got that.

Looking for something fun to do? We can tell you about all the local options you need to put on your calendar.

Please join us in remembering the value we provide during National Newspaper Week. Your support keeps us going.