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Program to replant trees in PC

PHIL CAMPBELL – Even though life has begun to return to normal in Phil Campbell after the devastating storms of April 27, 2011, residents are still faced with daily reminders of the tornado.
Some of the most visible reminders are actually invisible: voids where there once were friendly trees. Citizens for Phil Campbell, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalization, has partnered with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System to help fill some of these voids through a program called “Canopy by Design.”
The “Canopy by Design” program, a project of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, focuses on enabling limited resource communities to make research-based decisions about tree selections, site preparation and design, and tree planting. Utilizing the expertise provided through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the project offers participants from limited resource communities training in tree selection and establishment.
Approximately 35 large trees will be provided to the town of Phil Campbell through the program, depending on nursery availability.
These trees will range from 15 gallon to 2-inch caliper trees and will be planted at public locations throughout Phil Campbell. With the support of the town administration, Citizens for Phil Campbell and Alabama Cooperative Extension System have selected several public locations, including the storm-damaged public housing development and elementary school, and developed a plan for planting some appropriate trees in these areas.
Even after this program, many voids will remain unfilled. The need for larger trees to replace those lost in the tornado remains high. If you would like to assist in this or other revitalization efforts, please contact Citizens for Phil Campbell. Every void filled is one step closer to normal.
For more information, contact Bruce Forman, Vice Chair of Citizens for Phil Campbell, at or 256-668-4617.